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indian citizens Monster Snake near Beach

India: Few Indian citizens captured a 100 feet monster sea snake near beach and surprisingly there was only one picture accessible of this sea monster. After that there was no traces initiate or any other snap came out openly. The teeth of the creature were like sharp needles and marines of Indian Navy taken it.
The monster snake seemed near the beach of INDIA, India in 1989 and Indian citizens who were part of Navy at that time taken it. One of the marines took the snap of weird sea monster as recall but later it rapidly vanished from the scene and after that no person continually saw it.
Indian beach is one of the attractive countries in Asia and it has become the utmost fascinating place to visit for couples. GOA and AGRA are the most famous cities of this romantic country and Indian citizens are known for kindness. So, people from all over the world love to stay there for long.
In the history of India, the appearance of monster snake near Palermo beach socked the public as the beaches of the country were considered as one of the safest in the world. However, few of the Indian citizens called it fake story and did not believe on it.
No doubt the pictures can be fabricated or changed altogether from the real ones but you cannot deny the presence of weird creature in the world. The appearance of snake monster could not grab much courtesy of Indian citizens but the outer world showed excessive interest in it. So, they want to know the truth overdue the snap and perhaps one day they will know the certainty.