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Amazing animal – pangolin

A pangolin was found late on Thursday evening near Islamia College, within the bounds of Jamshed Quarters police station. Later, residents handed it over to the police. Residents who marked the animal supposed it to be an infrequent and unsafe species.
“It is not an occasional animal,” said Sindh Wildlife Department’s (SWD) provincial conservator Saeed Baloch. “But we cannot retain it in detention,” he clarified.
According to Karachi Metropolitan Corporation’s older director for culture, sports and recreation Raza Rizvi, officials of the Karachi Zoological Garden acquired the pangolin away within two hours after it was originating.
“It is unsafe for citizens to catch the animal,” said Rizvi. He said residents, police and media peoples supposed that pangolin was a rare species, but it isn’t.
Wildlife specialists have cautioned citizens to dodge catching such animals without the assistance of experts. “It can be very unsafe,” claimed Rizvi. He said SWD officials have been knowledgeable to take the animal into their control. “We can’t keep it as it will die in captivity,” he said, adding that it’s likely for zoo establishments to keep it for longer.

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