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Visitors in Caged people & Tigers

Visitors and predators have substituted places at a zoo in China, where people are paying to be protected in a cage and followed by big cats and bears.
Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo in Chongqing city is giving individuals the gamble to get up near with some of the world’s record dangerous animals – who they can even feed by hand.
Chunks of fresh meat are tied to the outside of a car, which drives through the field, in a bid to attract the predators and give tourists the closest likely dining practice with them – without becoming feast themselves.

Standing inside, a wire mesh cage, the guests are able to bid nutrition to lions and tigers through a minor opening, and lookout as the huge cat’s leap onto the car to be fed.
Live chickens are also being used to bait the predators, which so far comprise lions, Bengal tigers and their strain, the white tiger, and bears.

‘The visitors are advised to keep their fingers and hands inside the cage at all times since a hungry tiger wouldn’t know the difference amongst them and breakfast.’
When launched in 2015, the attraction was sold out for three months and saw tourists battling to skill being lunch.

Caged people VS Tigers by dunniyanews