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eagle is our national symbol of bravery

Birds are one of the remarkable creations on earth soil. The diversity that is found in this formation also gets the courtesy of a separate. Here under thought is the group of eagle. There are though dissimilar kinds of eagle but each kind is smart enough to cuckold and rule over its prey dual the size even.
Once it sets the mark on a prey it barely shifts its emphasis wherever else. Hunger has always been the biggest nature that drives every alive being. Eagle when go through the imprint of this instinct it is seen as one of the most insidious beings on planet soil amongst birds.
The video here essentially is an incredible gathering of numerous deceptive rounds done by eagle. The daring that is seen in each round is astonishing. It does not matter for eagle when it is about to eliminate the deprivation. It uses its gift by the creator that is of unlimited visual elegance. The emphasis of eye on its prey not ever gets lost.
Eagle is also measured as our state sign of bravery. The bravery of facing the crisis, working perfectly under the gravity and showing no mercy to rivalry when existence is under threat are its great qualities. Yes, regardless of the forte of rivalry eagle does not fear any of its rivalry.
It does not actually matter at all whether the prey of eagle is minor size or big size. Each of its prey suffers the severe and insidious attack by eagle. It does not give any chance at all to its prey. Typically, its nature of attack is just one take. In video it is also quite clear that eagle does not give any chance to its prey.
Very initial attack in the video is direct on the eyes, so the prey does not get whatever to hit back. The most incredible scene is the one when eagle uses a tactics and strapped double the size its rival on the foothill to fell down and get injured. Its best plan is its attack on the eye of its opposing.