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Elephant Straddles Car in South African Safari

A mad elephant getting out of control at South African Safari straddles cars of traveller sets. It was an instant of fear for tourists while enjoying time in Environment Park. Though, safety and rescue team reached on time to rescue them from harsh animal.
Such acts of animals receiving remote at African Nature Park comes often in opinion. Traveller groups cooing to relish usual habitat of forest from America and Europe makes animals’ angary with their uncaring driving inside the African Safari. It continuously needs to be an expert driver while travelling exclusive a wild forest. Any slight mistake or inaccuracy can become a reason of making animals annoyed effortlessly.

South African Safari obtains major number of tourists groups from America and Europe every year. These travellers spend a huge income of yearly savings on enjoyment during vocations watching nature habitat in Africa. South Africa has world’s largest drive-in safari. Astonishing collection of animals in African forest cannot match with any other remote habitat of the world.