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Ghost prank went terribly wrong in india

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In demand to generate the stuff of theatre, around individuals try to annoy the general public. The substance of sadness is that changed categories of serious incidents are described on everyday basis where the cleared people are irritated by the criminals.
One of the astonishing incidents newly happened in one and only of the major cities of London. According to the international media reports, some vagabonds were irritating to tease the cleared people on a street. They used to bout the people in night periods. They used to relish by grating the blameless people.
Best of the times, they altered their outlook by observing like a ghost. Some people fought their activities but none of the concern departments took act in contradiction of those simulated ghosts. Public used to escape from staying at night times.
One day a real ghost seemed in the similar street of the city. The actual ghost in progress to attack those young boys who used to irritate the blameless people. They tried their best level to resist against the real ghost. They became severe injuries while serially to save their lives.
Keep in mind that the incident occurred in London. After the happening of the incident, people are successful to leave the city. They endlessly favour to transfer to any other city of London. Some people required the concern sections to provide protection from the ghosts. The news about the happening of this incident is being deliberated by the people on social media.