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UN school under heavy shelling

A UN school for kids went under heavy shooting at day time. This event caused 15 deaths and several children also got hurt.
Mutually sides are accusing this on one additional but this is very odd how someone can target little children for a political notice.
This animal wildlife was also understood last year on 16th December when a school was embattled in Pakistan. The school named APS was beleaguered by nearly heavily armed extremists.
These animals did a blood bath which produced about 200 young children to leave this world forever. Children are cleared and it doesn’t stuff which country and belief they belong to.
You can make them either decent person or bad person dependent upon what you communicate them. But killing children with this violence should not be a part of any war.
The war in contradiction of terrorism that ongoing in 2000 has costed so various lives so far. What we are facing today is a daily routine in Palestine.
Nevertheless, the United Nations and other Muslim republics are playing blind to these facts. They must play their part in resolving these arguments that are going on since so countless years.