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Army Public School APS Peshawar ATTACK

It is rather unlucky to note that in spite of all the progressions we have attained, our world quiet remainders an insecure place. Darwin’s theory about endurance of the fittest nevertheless, each of us recalls terror events plus 9/11, 7/7, and 26/11. Those were terrorist doses that stunned the world into silence. But, as we detect the first birthday of Army Public School (APS) attack, we memory an event (dated December 16, 2014) that was extraordinary in nature.

It was certainly not the first time that innocent children had died in the wake of cumulative crime – readers might have been required to bring to mind Malala Yousafzai’s case, an activist and the newest Nobel laureate, who was but a teenager when a Taliban gunman tried to assassinate her – but the fact that those terrorists had precisely targeted school children makes it a unique instance.

The event has taken aback all and sundry and it was in its outcome that Chief of the Army Staff, General Raheel Sharif, gave his nod for the founding of military courts for those complicated in such terrorist acts and heinous crimes. The army chief directly suspended all his actions and reached the site soon to assess the situation.


Notwithstanding terrorism being a global issue, not expressive religious or country boundaries, the subsequent article evaluates the unlike factors behindhand the Army Public School Peshwar APS attack, the influence that it had, and the measures our government has been taking since then to control and conquest it.

Why it chanced

The first and leading question to bug us: why did they do something so dreadful? Was it a particular mind-set, an inadequate socio-economic related, or a religious story that triggered it?

But how countless times have we heard about it that terrorists are vulnerable to the source if they are poor and unable to provision their family. Is it only since of the promise of a ‘jihad’ and thereby the heaven that they can be coerced into giving up their sense of morality and humanity? Are they unbalanced? Are these the only issues that provoke terrorist action in any region? May be. Though, there’s the thing about individuals belonging to well-educated and advanced class of the society (e.g. the Safoora Goth carnage).