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Billion years old human races

There are numerous human races; individuals think occurred in the past. Initially they were presented in the fiction and future after the investigation and fossils, this narrative is rather showed to be correct.
This video is ready by the scholars of London University in which these races are conferred with the evidence.
Hulks are one the mortal race that is supposed to be was on the earth in the past. The fossils of enormous giants have been experiential.
People with frames of 8 feet tall have been exposed by the experts and archaeologists and it specifies the being of the giants.
Fairies also occurred in the past. Rendering to the archaeologists from London, there are limited skeletons found which had strange wings along with them.
Werewolves are also the human race that we some scientists and archaeologist reflects happened in real. We have seen many movies based on this concept but this concept proves to be true.
Amazons are also one of these are r that occurred in the past. This idea beginning from London and gained popularity. Mermaids is also additional strange human rare that is occurred in past as said by the scientists and archaeologists.