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Mermaid Surprises American Doctor

American surgeon got astonished by the birth of the tiny princess in the republic of Peru when the tiny girl was born with single build that looked like little mermaid meanwhile her legs were restricted composed from heals to the groin part. People were actually amazed at her birth notwithstanding of the detail that she was very fit.
American doctor pleased the close relative and the family members of that tiny mermaid about her existence living a usual life. Everyone together with the hospital staff and all the people from all over the world called it miracle and they supposed that it could only be wonder of Allah. Due to that miracle she was called Milagros Cerron that was resulting from the word miracle and mermaid.
The video of that event of the birth of the little mermaid in the country of Peru got all the care from the media from all over the world since it was the unique incident. In that hospital she was functioned thrice which were all fruitful operations and since then the little princess has been sensation and living a usual life.
Meeting of American doctor clarified the condition of the little princess that looked like mermaid of the sea and told that he was actually hopeful for her full recovery. He too expressed that there has been additional girl who was born with this sole state.
News of American doctor and the little mermaid expired viral on the public media when it was recognised to everyone all around the world. Additional little girl who was also born with legs bound organised has been living a usual life and she was also considered to be a miracle of Allah. She has twisted nine and breathing a normal life.