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Young Boy Dies While Doing Train Stunts in Mumbai

A fourteen year old young boy died in Mumbai while presenting his train stunts in the moving train. The boy was annoying to hang outdoor the train and didn’t stop even when the speed of the train was growing. Though, his hand slipped in the attempt of touching a pole and he fell down. The unlucky boy died on the spot and the police recognised him as Syed Mohsin.
Rendering to the eyewitnesses, the boy was tiring red jeans and a blue shirt. He in progress his stunts and reserved doing irrespective of the fast speed of the train. An amount of people cautioned him about the danger, but he ignored all the advices.
The boy’s hand slipped and he fell down. Later, Police inwards and started analysis of the case. The father of the departed told police that his son was going to Reti Bundar in order to get some effects for his sister’s marriage. Though, the sad incident occurred that complete them sad.