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Man survives Lion’s attack in house

A man in a circus was criticized by a lion when the lion keeper died inside the cage to serve the mealtime to the animal. The video really started with the act in which a man was stuck inside a cage while attended by a lion which appeared to from the event.

A camera team got more than they bargained for on their latest wildlife mission.

The team went to Stupava in the Czech Republic to film a telly film, including a man who lived with two fully grown lions in his back plot.

Insisting that they’re playful animals, 53-year-old Ales Basista has lived with the huge Alex and Mijanka since they were cubs, and often joins in with their rough and flip antics. They’re even permitted to wander easily round the house.

His neighbours have protested regularly, and dismiss the lions as ‘killers’. But Ales and his family preserve that Alex and Mijanka are not aggressive, even though they can fortuitously score.


Lion attack on Man in Cage in Egypt by dunniyanews

Lion attack on Man in Cage in Egypt