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Monster Crocodile Eats Girl

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Crocodile exists in jungle where creatures of dissimilar kind feel permitted to execute anyone who gets in their way. Newly a video of crocodile went viral on YouTube in which two girls were on a tour to Safari Zoo NY. In this safari zoo creatures have liberty to move along and do whatever they want to do below barriers of safari jungle.
Safari zoo was presented by Safari Jungle’s owner Edison Murray who introduced Safari type jungle in 1986. He was doting of animals having freedom in its place of tainted them in cages. Edison was a nice man having optimistic thoughts about animals. He then made this Safari type jungle to endorse freedom of animals.
Later on after death of Edison Murray, people stole his idea of Safari Jungle and named it Safari Zoo. In Safari Zoo some of animals gets liberty however rest of them rot in cages. Old-style Safari Jungle which was presented by Edison is now bolted by government since they were not paying their taxes any longer.
Two white blondes who scheduled visiting Safari Zoo recently got threatens by a giant crocodile there. They were luckily visiting safari zoo while they see a giant crocodile sitting on a rock with mouth unlocked. At first they thought this crocodile is figure because crocodile was still at that time relishing his still-time.