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Tiger Attacks Man- Real Tiger Attack Stunt

Ever since tiger has accepted instinct to kill you can see in video, he attacks on his tutor with killing instinct though his master is training him. There were around further people to take care of tiger if everything goes outside their imaginations.
It was exercise period for the tiger but still it was able to scratch its trainer. Afterward the training session master of tiger tells in detail what prepares he do to train tiger? How superior is the risk when no one is around and tiger is not in cage.
To endorse these kinds of actions people should have access to air ambulance. If tiger attacks and there is zero percent probability of surviving but if by chance you are not wounded that much and hospital is not nearby then air ambulance is going to be effective.
Air ambulance must be delivered by the government to promote the wild life. It can also help to save animals, since in jungle one will not find hospitals for the animals, and occasionally you catch some rare animals in danger.