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Eddie Guerrero Died During Wrestling Match

In 1997 Eddie Guerrero protected his heavy weight championship in contradiction of Scott Norton. He then lost heavy weight championship in contradiction of Chris Jerica. He then dared DDP for the title of “Lord of The Ring”, but he lost that match.He then challenged over Chris Jerica over for heavy weight championship. This time Guerrero was capable to defeat Jerica. Guerrero then eyed up to Booker T, earlier going against Booker T, Eddie fought in contradiction of his nephew. He tired his nephew and forced him to convert his slave. He at that time went against Booker T but he lost the match against Booker T. Though he was popular wrestler and was getting victory in every form of wrestling but still he was upset that he was not given chance in main wrestling event in WCW. This frustration came to head when he asked Eric Bishop to give him chance in main event. Despite generous he threw a coffee on Guerrero.

Later on Guerrero wrote down in his autobiography that it was just an incident nothing personal. So many people have understanding that Eddie died throughout wrestling in ring. He pass away in his room at the Marriot City Centre. His nephew chavo took him to hospital but it was too late till then. Doctor declared him dead. Reason of his death was heart failure. Guerrero`s wife required that he was touch not well for last couple of weeks. Advanced on in one episode of WCW his chavo supposed that Eddie was fit and had no issue with his suitability.

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