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Viral Ghost Video ! Ghost Attack

Reality of ghosts cannot be denied anywhere in the world. Ghost is another creation of ALLAH just like human being. We cannot see ghosts with our eyes but we can feel them. Ghost can see us and can feel our reality too.
So many individuals around the world deny the reality of Ghosts. If you talk to them about ghosts they will simply deny it, furthermore they will advise you to visit some physiatrists. They actually believe in materialistic things, things which can be touched.
For those who do not trust in reality of ghosts. They should watch this video. A security personnel was looking here and there for security reason as he was security guy in that hospital. All of sudden he was hit by ghost; clear vision is available in video for evidence.
Also ghost grabbed him by his leg and dragged him towards gate. There he left the leg of security personnel. Then that security guy got up and ran from there. This footage is CCTV footage not some amended video.
Ghost curved train into ghost house. People were horrible but there was no one to listen to them.