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Young Girl Riding on Alligator

Have you ever seen someone riding on alligator? Anybody of you!
I guess and I be certain of your answer will be in no. Let myself stretch you a shock by distribution the video of one brave young girl horsy on alligator. Yes young kid riding on alligator.
Alligator is one of the most dangerous animals deprived of any doubt but look at the girl who is riding that beast without any hesitation. She is not only riding she is also smiling and loving while riding.

Hunters cannot hunt down the alligator so easily. They typically have more threatening time than hunting lion since it`s problematic to hunt alligator in water. Since water belongs to alligator and hunters cannot stay deep down in water for much longer deprived of taking any safety measures.
And if you are successful to take any safety events then it will be difficult to attack you will only be defending yourself.
And if you are going to hunt down any animal then your most powerful weapon is successful to be your aggression. If you are aggressive then you are going to win the war.
As it is famous saying best form of defence is to attack but what you will do when you are in water and you cannot stay there for much longer what will be your tool to violence. I guess it will be your self-confidence level like little girl has while riding on alligator. She is inspiring and one of the brave kid you will see amongst kids.