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Dead Mermaid Found On Beach After Hurricane Original Clear Video

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What was exposed on this beach today? An odd looking corpse of a humanoid being that seems to resemble a mermaid. But mermaids don’t exist right?
The creature clearly has the distinguishing upper body features of a female human with the lower body of a fish complete with scales and a tail.

Dead Mermaid Found On Beach

Is this finally evidence that mermaids occur or just additional clever internet hoax?
Mermaids have appeared in folklore of many cultures throughout history.
One of the unique stories came from Ancient Assyria and involved the goddess A targets turning herself into a mermaid out of shame after accidentally killing her human lover.
The waters apparently couldn’t hide her astonishing beauty, which is why she seemed as human above the water and as a fish below.
More often in folklore , Mermaids entrances concurred with perilous proceedings such as storms, shipwrecks and drownings, but in some traditions they have also been reported as benevolent, granting favors to humans they fall in love with.


Dead Mermaid Found On Beach

Mermaids are closely related to the sirens of Greek Mythology. Sirens were dangerous beautiful creatures who lured sailors to their watery deaths by enchanting them with their music and voices.
Did you know however determining the Caribbean even the well-known explorer Christopher Columbus claimed to have seen mermaids?
What does science believe?
The U.S. National Ocean Service quantified in 2012 that no evidence of a mermaid has ever been initiate.
So what did Columbus and other sailors through history see on their voyages?
Many believe that most of these historical sightings were animals like Dugongs and Manatees that belonged to a biological order named Sirenia, which of course got its name from the mythological sirens.
No back story was uploaded along with these cinemas and the creature in this picture does not appearance like either a manatee, or dugong, so then come again else could it be?


Dead Mermaid Found On Beach

It turns out that these mermaid images came from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean “On Stranger Tides”. They had me fooled at first, they are very well complete and awesome observing mermaid props.

Dead Mermaid Found On Beach After Hurricane… by lulisvl