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Solar Eclipse August 2017

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Solar Eclipse :

Solar Eclipse occurred when moon come is the line of sight of sun and Earth . Despite the huge differences in the size of bodies of these masses , complete eclipse can cause total darkness in the atmosphere .

This August Solar Eclipse is coming to America , precisely on 21th August . People are realy willing to see it live .

Everyone know that we can not view this scenario live , so Solar Eclipse Glasses are in great demand now a days . Solar Eclipse Glasses are designed in such a way that filter out dangerous and sharp rays , making this amazing view safe for us . Different types of lenses are also available that are optimized specially to remove harmful waves and are mostly used than solar eclipse glasses .

Solar Eclipse detailed Overview :

You will be amazed to know this interesting fact , distance of sun from earth is 400 time greater than moon and diameter of sun is also 400 time greater than moon . That’s why son and moon looked the same when viewed from earth .

Total Eclipses are rear , they almost occur about every 18th month . The longest Total Eclipse occurred about of 7 minutes in 1973 .

Important Note :

Very Important care must be taken for pregnant women not to go in direct contact in the light during Solar Eclipse , the must stay in home under roof and must not be doing any type of physical activity during that time for the well being of child . Doctors prescribe bed rest at the time of eclipse .

Some cases are reported of deformed children in which pregnant women remain in direct contact of rays of Solar Eclipse , so if some one in your relatives is pregnant do tell them to take this precaution .

Children must also stay in home and must not have direct eye contact on eclipse .

It is the most awaited and most popular event of August 2017 .

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