Home Entertainment Qandeel Baloch murdered by her brother in Muzafargurh

Qandeel Baloch murdered by her brother in Muzafargurh

The Pakistani actor cum model celebrity Qandeel Baloch was reportedly murdered by her brother in her hometown in Muzafargurh, according to RPO Multan.
Initial reports of investigation suggest Qandeel Baloch was shot dead by her brother, becoming a victim of honor killing.
Earlier Today, Pakistani TV channels reported that Qandeel Baloch was shot by her brother. Multan Police are now saying she was “strangled to death” at her Multan residence.

A celebrity cum model court in Multan on Friday sentenced Qandeel Baloch’s brother Mohammad Waseem, the major dubious in the social media star’s murder case, to life caging.

The rest of the accused who were designated in the case, plus cleric Mufti Abdul Qavi, her other Brother Aslam Shaheen, Haq Nawaz, Abdul Basit and Mohammad Zafar Hussain were cleared by the court.

Conferring to the exhaustive verdict for the case, the trial had “successfully showed its case outside tail of sensible doubt concluded cogent, convincing and inspirational sign against the suspect for committing qatl-i-amd (wilful murder) of his sister Fouzia Ameen alias Qandeel Balouch in shape of showing his occurrence at the place of incidence, in form of judicial acknowledgement verified with positive consequences of his DNA.”

“So he is held embarrassed of committing qatl-i-amd of his sister,” the judgement added.

It specified that Waseem will be sent to Central Jail in Multan to attend his punishment.

After the result was announced, Mufti Qavi’s groups, who had grouped outdoor the court, showered him with rose petals.

Police had involved Mufti Qavi’s name as a doubtful in the murder case of the social media star on the request of her father. Qavi’s was detached from Ruet-i-Hilal Committee after “controversial” pictures of him with Qandeel Baloch had surfaced on social media. Following the controversy, Qavi had also been distant from the National Ulema Mushaikh Council.

Late, Qavi and Baloch both delivered statements over the controversy and contradicted each other. The killer of Qandeel Baloch had also referred to the Mufti Qavi argument in his confessional report.