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Problem of nikah on phone well explained

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The problem of nikah on phone is spreading widely now a days in the the social order. This simply means that the two people who are coming into nikah are geographically separated.
We are living in a country wherever the crime rate is continuously high. Public are also doing organised crimes as well. They bluff and they fraud as well with the people.
The one new method in this regard is nikah on the phone. People do nikah on the phone, where the both the people coming into nikah are not physically present face to face.
Later the truth is disclosed that the guy who was on the phone at the nikah is not a boy but an uncle. Same is the case occasionally with the girl’s side. It is realized many times later that the girl is not the one which was present on the phone.
This is a new kind of social evil which is scattering fast and the white cooler people are fetching prey to it.

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