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Inside the Holly Kaaba

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Kaaba is a holly building which is present in the middle of most holly Masjid in the world, Masjid Al Haraam.

No ordinary Muslim is allowable to enter the cubed construction of Kaaba but some of the high authorised Saudi officers. Arrived the Kaaba and also made a video which is not present on the internet.

This video is so far the maximum watched video of all the Islamic videos existing on the internet. It is a source of happiness for each Muslim that he can see inside the Kaaba without visiting Kaaba.

Muslims from all over the world visit Kaaba at the occasion of Hajj. They come as pilgrims and they do tawaf which is doing circles around the Kaaba.

But they don’t go in kaaba as it’s not the part of the ceremonial and also they are not allowable to enter.

KHANA KABA, Inside view of KABA by khabarnamcha