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Special treatment in women jails

Pakistan’s jails are important us the same story that other departments and organisations of the country are telling. Due to the corrupt system, jails are extremely affected. You can’t even encounter your precious ones on your turn without bribing any jail superintendent.
This is just one side of the story, the truth is considerable horrible as associated to what we watch in news and other reality shows. The sting action by the investigative journalists are carrying the dark secrets of Pakistani jails. These women are sold to other companions as well. These women are treated as maids in the houses of the high profile officers as well.
Once a good girl makes her entry in this world of jail, she is not allowed to leave it until she gives herself fully to this system. Sometimes the innocent girls from the women jails are transferred to the other jails for the entertainment of high profile criminals in that jails.
It’s all fashionable by using the power of money. The more cash you can drop on each step, the supplementary luxuries you can get in jails