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oldest azan video of makkah

Makkah muazzama is a religious home of Muslims where every year millions of people perform Hajj. The Azan is an vital part of Islam before the Namaz. The azan is considered as Calling by Allah toward his Home (masjid). The Muslims offer namaz five times a day. In the video very rear video from Makkah is specified with the Azaan in the very precious sound.
Though we all know that the phrasing of Azan is always precious. Video shows the Towers of Mosques of Makkah. The Azan is said to be called Muslims for Namaz.This Video demonstrations that 500 years ago at that time what was the view of Makkah. It is the desire of every Muslim to visit the Makkah and Madina. Likewise, to hear the soul whole azan of both cities. This video for all the Muslims those want to watch what the view of Makkah 500 years ago was and also nonstop want to hear the Azan from there.

Oldest Azan video on Makkah with more then 500… by ibrahemibs