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Lion Eating A Man

Man gets eaten by lion – warning graphic, Lion Kills Man, Escapes And Wanders Around Zoo, Shot Dead After

Police in China have shot a lion dead after it killed a man, Xinhua News Agency rumours. The Sunday attack on the trainer in Shandong Province is the country’s second case logged, reports stated.

Talking to the staff at Tainan Tiger Mountain Park, the attack took place around 6:20 a.m. on Sunday, when the 65-year-old trainer walked secret the lion’s birdcage to clean it up. After the large feline killed its keeper, it escaped from its cage and rambled about the zoo for more than an hour, official reports say.

Chinese television did not mention how the lion was able to escape from the cage. BBC reports that steel barriers were placed at the zoo’s entrance, while the staff and visitors that morning were evacuated. The park recommenced operation in the afternoon.

The zoo then called the police to have the lion shot dead to guarantee safety of the zoo visitors. While sympathy was given to zookeepers, many people questioned the necessity of killing the lion, according to BBC News.

Taian Tiger Mountain Park is home to different animals such as deer, camels and pigs that are placed in wire cages. BBC also reports that a Chinese news portal reporter discovered the cages to be in a rotting condition. There were concerns surrounding zoo management in Taishan, including animals living in poor circumstances and attachments posing safety problems for the visitors.

The park endorsed told reporters that necessary repairs will be carried out. With regards to care of zookeepers, Xinhua News information that zookeepers and cleaners should observe proper protocols to isolate carnivores whenever clean-up and care is on-going.


Lion Eating A Man

Lion Eating A Man