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indian Girl Beating Army Soldier

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Girl beats Indian Army Officer in public It was not the first time when some Indian Army officer was accused of eve-teasing and molesting. They have a long history of disgracing females in Kashmir and other occupied areas. Though, it seems that people have had enough and they will slap back in the face. Check out this shocking video physically and share your opinions on this. There has been propaganda on social media that the news has been twisted. The Indian Army spokesperson stated that it was a spat which has been presented in a wrong manner. Though, the girl stands firm on her version and same is the case with news channels who aired this footage. You will feast to the assumption after viewing the reaction of that army personnel. The video twitches with a girl going afterward that officer while whole crowd is watching. She threw stones, slapped and punched him but he did not react at all. He just tried to protect himself and running around. It clearly shows that he was caught red handed otherwise he would have reacted inversely. Furthermore, the senior officer can be seen apologizing the girl. If the officer did not do anything wrong, what is meaning of that apology then? This shocking video ignited a heated debate in India as people raised questions on the professionalism and discipline in the Indian Army. On this “Kashmir Solidarity Day”, we shared this video to show you the ugly face of these killers and rapists.  

An Indian Girl Beating Army Soldier in Bazaar… by tuctv