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Katz was born in urban center, N.J. His father died once he was one-year-old and he was raised within the city’s Parkside neighborhood by his mother and graduated from urban center highschool, Temple University and poet college of Law. He created his fortune operational the Kinney System Holding firm., a parking business that was noninheritable by Central Parking firm.

Since 1998, Katz served as a trustee of the temple. The student scholarships, athletics, entrepreneurship and it has long supported the drug was noted for. Their career fields of law, investment banking and trading spreads. Katz, Ettin and Levine, Kinney Parking System of a semiconductor diode together with a range of businesses, the firm as a partner within the service, the New Jersey nets, the New Jersey Devils, brotherly love Media Network (thePhiladelphia verbalizer, Daily News and philly.com) of the city, and the gates outside the interstate Advertising.

Katz also supports charitable, educational and medical causes Katz, director of the Foundation. He served on the board of the Boys and Girls Club of America and the National Basketball Association. May 15, Katz, he earned a bachelor’s degree in 1963, wherever Temple, one of the human characters receive unearned doctor. Katz’s commitment and efforts on behalf of the University in recognition of his life, the Board of Trustees of Temple University’s College of Katz drugs when you can.

Lewis Katz, CST ’63, a vivacious member of the Temple University community from his time as a student within the early 1960s to his receipt of a academic degree simply many weeks past, was killed Sat night during a plane crash. Katz was a long-time member of the Temple Board of Trustees.

According to reports, a Massachusetts Air Field during Saturday night crashed a private plane ride all seven people were killed. Katz was among the passengers. “The City of Brotherly Love for the temple, and knew his relationship with Lewis Katz, for all the people who go there are innumerous loss,” Temple University President Neil D. Theobald above. “The university Lewis’ effect to return to the temple for many years by students are feeling.”

Theobald noted that Katz was an incredible supporter of Temple, usually in ways in which weren’t apparent to the general public. “Lewis was a sure adviser to Temple presidents and members of its Board of Trustees for years,” the president aforesaid. “On behalf of everybody at Temple, i need to increase our deepest sympathies to Lewis’s family and fair-haired ones, several of whom were with America throughout the past few weeks.”