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Drunk girl in Lahore done mass damage

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A drunk girl in Lahore is under arrest last night when she hit 8 different rickshaws that were stand-up at the corner of the road.

The police grasped the crime scene on time which seems to be a miracle. Police under arrest the girl as she was drunk and talking non sense at the scene.

It was also done for her defence as the rickshaw drivers very angry.

She force belong to a rich family as her outfit appear. But this is still not settle that is there anybody chasing her at the time of impact or she was totally drunk to do this.

The investigation has just started from different point of views. Inappropriately no one is listening to the poor drivers who are not able now to earn their livelihood.

We expectation to see them in front of the either Director house or any other house soon PeacefulĀ for their rights which will never be taken seriously until this government is in power.