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Jean Kasem (born Jean Thompson in 1953 or 1954), is an american player. Jean Kasem was one in all 5 youngsters, with siblings Jeanette, Shirley, Joan and Tommy Thompson, of Irene Celia Thompson (1919-2008) and musician Owens Thompson Sr.(deceased). She lived in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, before her civil-servant father enraptured the family to island in 1963to help stop her continual respiratory disorder. She attended the University of island at age 16, however when marrying a U.S. Navy lieutenant when she was 17, she left to figure as a server and salesgirl on U.S. military bases throughout the ocean to that her husband was announce. the wedding lasted half dozen years. Kasem then enraptured to Golden State and unsuccessfully tried to search out work in broadcast journalism. Frustrated, she joined an american acting workshop and shortly found roles on such TV series as Matt Houston, Fantasy Island and Alice.

Kasem vie the continual role of Loretta Tortelli, the dimwitted woman of Nick Tortelli (Dan Hedaya) on Cheers and as a cast-member of the transitory spinoff The Tortellis. She conjointly had a short look in Ghostbusters collectively of Joe Louis Tulley’s party guests. Kasem has along with worked as voice actor for such animated tv series as Darkwing Duck, 2 Stupid Dogs, Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue!, Reb Bravo, and fictitious character and Grimm.She created guest appearances in many movies and tv shows, as well as Growing Pains, Cybill, Hunter, ‘Hollywood Squares, My Two Dads, Hope & Gloria and others.

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Casey Kasem has Lewy body sickness, the foremost common form of progressive dementedness when presenile dementia. he’s instable condition at a medical facility in Washington, according to a representative for Kerri Kasem.She claims her father’s health has worsened since the last time she saw him weeks agone at a institution in Santa Monica, California.