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Journalist lost his life in live news

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incident Journalist lost his life in live news,


Journalists are one and only of the most reputable people in our society. They are receiving well paid and they also risk their lives every day.

The condition was not same a couple of days. Numerous journalists lost their lives as well in the era when the journalism started on main stream media.

No one was prepared to risk his life to jump into the battle and the most streets in the domain in order to report what is going on there.

There were a few only special people who had no fear to die and they did this job. Now a days journalists get complete security before incoming a battle ground.

One such strange journalist was this guy who along with his crew lost his life in the live show. All this occurred since of an insane man who took the law in his hand in front of the millions of audience.

He didn’t realize that he is murder in visible of the live camera.

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