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5 technical points to enhance battery timing of your device

This is an era of technology. We all need communication devices, gadgets and electronic devices to boost up our performance. No one can neglect the importance of electronic devices and gadgets.

But there is a problem with these devices. We all need to use them for a long time without interruption, but battery low is the worst error we receive while using our device. It doesn’t  matter that you use an expensive or cheap device. This error treats all with equality.

Here are some simple points to notice, by which you can enhance your battery timing of any gadget. These technical points are given below:

extend battery timing

  1. Use of different devices charger:

However, different chargers show that they are charging your device properly. But this is not a good practice, As it has a negative impact on the battery life and timing of your device, so you should always use the charger of the model of your device to enhance the life and timing of the battery.


  1. Over charging:

Most of us have a bad habit to plug charger while sleeping so we can have a fully charged device when we wake up. But this habit is dangerous for our devices as it reduces the life and timing of battery.


  1. Phone use below 20% battery:

Try to never use your phone when its battery remains less than 20%. Researchers find it as a factor which damages battery life.


  1. Heating factor:

Heat is the worst enemy of electronic devices. Always try to use your device at moderate temperature. Direct light exposure for a long time or placing your device near fire place results in reduced battery timing.


  1. Fully charge battery for 1st-time use:

We are crazy about new things and we don’t care about the battery in over excitement when we bring a new device at home. But experts say that you should fully charge your device before 1st use, As it has long term effect on the battery timing as well as battery life.

With these tips, you can boost the battery of your Android as well as iPhone. These points are also useful for feature mobiles and any electronic gadget which uses a battery to operate. You can extend and boost the battery timing of any laptop or gadget with these simple tips.