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“11 May black day” PTI protesting on media

Lahore: PTI found 11 May as a black day in the history of Pakistan due to rigging of mass level in general elections held on 11 May 2013

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Pakistan Tehreek.e.insaf workers are protesting on media against the suspected rigging in general election 2013. They named 11 May as Black day while some others think it is “Noon mandate theft day”.

Pakistan tehreek.e.insaf is protesting against results of the general election from a very long time. They have already recorded their protest on different forums in different levels. Their Islamabad protest was the strongest, but all their struggle go in vain as they could not bring out any positive results according to their demands.

PTI is a governing party in KPK but they have a strong conflict with the center for the inquiry of rigging in the general elections and they are protesting for more than two years.

Although, PML-N agreed for the formation of a commission, but this candy was failed to fully satisfy the demands of PTI. However, a commission dismissed the minister of railways some days before after finding rigging proofs in the election. This point was supportive of PTI stance.

Due to such decisions PTI is continuously struggling for Re-election in the country. And their protests are getting more stronger. Today  “ 11 May black day”, “Noon mandate theft day” like slogans are used by Pakistan Tehreek.e.Insaf are also a part of their protests series.