Home Breaking News Military helicopter crashes in Gilgit causing 6 dead including 4 foreigners

Military helicopter crashes in Gilgit causing 6 dead including 4 foreigners

Gilgit:  The ambassador of Norway and Philippines, wives of Malaysian and Indonesian ambassadors with two pilots killed on Friday in a helicopter crash on a school in Naltar valley of Gilgit-Baltistan

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ISPR: Inter services public relations denied the chances of terror attack and the reasons of the crash are yet to be known. This was a tourism trip in which one MI 17 helicopter among 3 was crashed on a school due to unknown reasons.asimbajwaispr news - dunniyanews

Rescue operation: Rescue teams reached the spot for survival operation and succeed to save the life of 12 people. The helicopter was carrying 11 foreigners and 6 Pakistan residents.

Prime minister: Nawaz Sharif took notice of the helicopter crash incident and announced one-day mourning on this huge loss.

CMH: The injured persons of the incident are airlifted to the military hospital of Gilgit. Military used its another helicopter to provide fastest medical services. Now the injured persons are under medication.

Personalities on the helicopter: AFP says that the ambassadors of Indonesia, Lebanon, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Romania, Norway, South Africa, the Philippines and Poland were scheduled to travel on that helicopter.

School: As helicopter crashed on a school, AFP reports that the school was functional and children were also present in the school, but there are not any causality report yet.school- dunniyanews