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At the WWDC 2014 keynote, Apple introduced a brand new programing language referred to as Swift, that is alleged to form writing apps for iOS and OS X easier. it’ll take over from Objective-C because the programing language of alternative for the iPhone maker’s 2 well-liked platforms. Swift is a utterly new programing language designed on the LLVM (Low Level Virtual Machine) compiler and runtime, that are employed in Objective-C. the primary app designed on Swift is that the WWDC app itself. Apple has released a guidebook for the language in iBooks Store. Apple itself is making an “interactive playground” for developers who will want to use Swift, that can be seen in returning time.

Software development isn’t a simple business. sort of a ton of technical jobs, folks on the surface do not tend to understand what is concerned. “Can’t you only create it do blah-blah, ” purchasers say, and so off we tend to go as developers to undertake and create it happen. currently and once more, somebody comes up with some wonderful innovation that creates code developers lives genuinely easier. .NET is a exemplar — any developer UN agency worked with Microsoft technology back within the Nineteen Nineties can keep in mind however downright tough operating with something apart from Visual Basic was. Or jQuery — a technology that in one single stroke created building internet apps 100 thousand-fold easier.

Apples vice chairman Craig Federighi hat auf der Entwicklerkonferenz WWDC auch die neue Programmiersprache Swift vorgestellt. Swift soll das Schreiben von Code vereinfachen, beschleunigen und mögliche Quellen für Programmierfehler beseitigen. Swift fügt sich in Apples Cocoa- und Cocoa-Touch-Frameworks ein, die wiederum die Grundlage für OS X und iOS bilden. Ziel ist E laut Federighi, Objective-C und Python durch eine Sprache Semitic deity ersetzen. “Es ist beeindruckend, dass E ihnen gelungen ist, im Geheimen einen vollwertigen Ersatz Semitic deity entwickeln”, sagte Landon Fuller, Entwickler und Chief Technology Officer von Plausible Labs. district attorney Apple Swift alleine und unabhangig von Dritten entworfen habe, sei eine nahtlose Interoperabilitat Massachusetts Institute of Technology Apples vorhandenen Plattformen gewahrleistet.