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Bollywood star Salman khan sentenced to 5 years in prison

Mumbai: Indian court sentenced Salman khan to five years in jail for killing a homeless man in a hit and run incident.salman khan in jail

Khan had said that his driver was driving the car, but the court rejected this version due to the witness of many people and his own security guard. After which judge DW Deshpande found him guilty and sentenced him to 5 years prison.

In the Salman khan verdict Judge remarks he was driving the car and he was drunk due to which he hit the homeless man causing his death.

Legal experts expect that superstar will appeal against this decision. Khan’s lawyers have already applied for bail in the Mumbai high court which is expected to hear the case shortly.

It should be in mind that this hit and run case was filed in 2002 when Salman khan’s car ran over five homeless people sleeping on a street in Mumbai. This incident caused the death of one man while remaining four were seriously injured.

In the court:

As soon as the court hearing began, Judge informed Saman that he was guilty.

After that, for three hours lawyers from both sides presented their arguments about the punishment but the Bollywood star remained calm and composed.

His family and friends in the court were hoping that he would be punished for three years or less, but when the judge sentenced him to five years in prison, Khan;s expression changed immediately.

Although his sister tried to comfort him but the actor was looking much upset.

Effect of decision:

Several of his bollywood colleagues spoked in his favour and expressed their sympathies. Actress Hema malini said she was praying for him. If the actor is put behind the bars it will affect the bollywood film industry as Salman khan is involved in big ticket movies at this moment.salman khan in movies

While his thousands of fans are also depressed due this decision and they are still praying for their ideal.

Some people are happy for this justice and they commented that this shows everyone is equal before the law. But decision after 13 years is itself a dark circle on the judicial system of India.