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Anti-Muslim cartoon contest results two dead in Texas

Washington: Police killed two armed men outside the anti-Muslim event in Texas. This event causes a new wave of conflict between the western countries and Muslim world.

Anti-Muslim cartoon contest results two dead in Texas

Police operation outside the Anti Muslim event

200 people were gathered for this event and Dutch politician also attended this event on Sunday. At that time two armed persons attacked on the gun man on security of the event. After which the police came in action and shoot dead the fighters.

Yet the identity of the attackers has to confirm and no one knows this attack was on the event or it relates to another story. An IS fighter named Abu Hussain Albritani claimed this attack on twitter. In a series of tweets he said that their two brothers opened fire on this event but police has yet to confirm it.

American freedom defense initiative organized this event with a group of people to spoke against Islam. They also arranged a cartoon contest of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to mentally torture Muslims. Wilders has long been targeted by Muslims due to their negative thinking about Islam.

This event was organized to freely talk against Muslims and the management was especially ready to tackle security issue as such events always cause extreme conflict between Muslim community and other groups.

Muslims have deep attachment with their Prophet (PBUH) and they can never bear such statements or events against Islam. In 2005 such offensive cartoons published by the Danish daily Jyllands posten triggered deadly protests in Muslim countries while a French weekly Charlie hebdo made the same mistake upon which his 12 team members were killed by some Muslims.

AFDI organized this event in Texas with a prize of $10,000 for the winner of cartoon contest and they named this event as “Free speech event”.

The co. founder and political activist Pamela geller called the shootings outside the event as “War on free speech”

Analysts’ thinks that Western countries are using religion to mentally torture the Muslims and such attitude can be a cause of war between the western and Muslim countries, so the Government of every country should need to Bann such events which arises conflict between the people with different religions.