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Most important 5 things you should never share on Facebook

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Presently mostly people share every kind of personal information on their Facebook account without any hesitation, this habit can be dangerous for them or can bring problems in their life in near future.5 things you should never share on Facebook

Here are the 5 things which you should keep secret for your safety. This can save you from a lot of upcoming problems.

  1. Home address:

You should never provide your home address on your Facebook account as criminals can use this information for evil purpose. If you have already provided the home address you can delete it from the profile edit option.

  1. Professional information:

Providing professional information on your public account can disappoint your officers or partners. Your professional competitors can also use this information against you.

  1. Relationship status:

It doesn’t seems good to mention that you are married or single. It is a positive attitude that you leave this block blank so people have to chat with you to find your marital status.

  1. Banking information:

Bank account numbers, credit card numbers etc. should be kept secure because these numbers can help hackers to steal money from your account.

  1. Phone number:

Phone is a personal mean of communication and you should keep it secret. If you don’t like to have wrong or telemarketing calls on your phone then you should never provide your contact number on Facebook.

If you have already provided your phone number on your account you can delete it by clicking on your name after that you have to click on update info and then in contact and basic info you can delete your concerned information.

By following these simple 5 steps your account will be more secured and you will feel safe while surfing social sites and interacting with strange people.