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Gruesome Video Of Pediatric Clinic

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It does not mean to shock you or show a depressing picture of the world, it is just for awaring you of things experience in the world. So be careful about your children, while selecting child-care hospitals or homes etc.

Money never fix your kids once they have been ill-treated, very careful and choosy about the child care home, brought them up with representation of a beautiful world contrasting by this one.

It is duty to take care of each be it young of old. When it is newborn you need to be extra careful. However that does not give the impression in the case for one midwife in a neonatal ward at Sofimed Hospital in Bulgaria.

Emiliya Kovacheva is now under arrest and charged with attempted murder for inflicting terrible physical harm to a 4 day old baby. The video showed Kovacheva hitting, clutching the neck and shaking.

The incident has left Kovacheva’s colleagues in shock as the midwife had previously had perfect professional record.
It is being said that Kovacheva is very tired 24-hour shift caused her sudden burst of anger. Whatever be the case was, no one can justify such shocking brutal act with newborn. It is gruesome video of pediatric clinic ever.