Home Breaking News Chinese president Xi terms Pak-China ties ‘asset for future generations’

Chinese president Xi terms Pak-China ties ‘asset for future generations’

ISLAMABAD – Chinese president Xi Jinping while addressing the joint meeting of Parliament on Tuesday termed Pakistan-China relations a true story of long lasting friendship.

Xi Jinping, Chinese president, express thanks the parliamentarians for consuming him in the session and showed his ecstasy for speaking the huge meeting.

The Chinese president vowed to lead this relationship till the end. He supposed that Pakistan and China share mutual civilization, traditions and values.

Praising the people of Pakistan, Chinese president specified that Pakistanis are kind, heroic, dignified, and self-confident and have loyalty for country. They give admiration to their visitors.

I have made numerous developments to the many sectors of China, now I need to grow China’s friendship with Pakistan by supportive as much as I can, he added.

Chinese president through his speech supposed that we will always care Pakistan’s fights for the peace in the region.


Pak-China ties

Pak-China ties

Pakistan unlocked air space for China in tough time, he further. Chinese president Xi Jinping supposed that Pakistan has the opening to become ‘Asian tiger’. He said that he recalls the time when China was all alone in the world. Pakistanis are capable and brave people, he added.
The Chinese president said that Pakistan is the frontline state which is battling terrorism. He certain that China is standing by Pakistan through thick and thin.
He said that the sacrifices of the people of Pakistan rendered while combating terrorism will be remembered.
Chinese president Xi Jinping believed that Pakistan has made a rapid economic progress. He said that Pakistan is China’s friend, brother and neighbour. He said that Pakistan-China friendship is a heritage for the generations of both the countries to come. He said that Shahra-e-Karakoram is a bond between two civilizations.
Chinese president Xi Jinping said that Allama Iqbal had said in 1930 that China would appear to be one of the greatest commands in the world. He invited Army Public School (APS) Peshawar students to visit China.

He stated we would stick planned while fronting all the challenges and that the China continuously wants improvement of Pakistan in all the fields. He presented gratification over the ongoing Pak-China relations and hoped to maintain them.

He further guaranteed to help Pakistan in introducing developmental projects in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

Moreover, the Chinese president Xi Jinping stated that no one can abolish this sincere relationship of Pakistan and China as both countries have promised to respect the strategies of each other rather than criticizing the acts.