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What are some jobs that will make me a billionaire by the age of 30?

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Billionaire in a currency which has enough worth to make me richer than 99% of the people in this world.
For example: USD, GBP, Euro, Bitcoins, etc.


Firstly things first: No job is successful to make you a “billionaire by 30.”
Not a single one.
If pro athletes, actors, musicians and scientists (persons who create other people and businesses hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars) cannot themselves converted billionaires by 30, then here is almost no chance of a person off of the road finding a job which would pay them billions in 2-8 years or fewer?

Having said that, it is likely if you invented certain items and you were allowed keep control of your inventions (if the company you worked for didn’t seize them or they weren’t occupied away by the nation-wide security apparatus of the country in which you live) then you might perhaps make billions with the following:



  1. A feasible means to locate metal objects below several hundred feet of liquid from an orbiting satellite. The US Navy would possible pay you billions to guarantee that such a method did not fall into the “wrong hands.”
  2. FTL (Faster than Light) space travel – Whoever gets there first will be a billionaire almost overnight. Whether they will be allowable to keep control of their invention is another matter, completely.
  3. The skill to accurately view measures in frequently likely of upcoming time’s capes – If you could exactly view events in the most likely of investments, you would find you’re net worth success or exceeding the billion dollar range nearly overnight.
  4. A cure for maximum types of cancer – If you created an effective cure for greatest types of cancer (especially fast-spreading and malignant cancers) you’d be a billionaire by 30.
  5. A technique to rapidly desalinate water using marginal quantities of energy – Since your technique would fundamentally solve most of the world’s fresh water issues, you’d find that many nations would line up to pay you untold fortunes to gain it.

Creating a life-changing item (or items) are really about the only technique for anyone to become a “billionaire by 30.” Even then, you’d have to couple that inventive spirit with hard-nosed business judgement to ensure that you weren’t raided of your impression earlier you might profit from it.