Home Breaking News Lahore,Karachi populace compelled to consume haram meat

Lahore,Karachi populace compelled to consume haram meat

LAHORE: The Punjab government on Friday thought the allegation of sale of dead meat of halal animals as fine as donkey meat at transformed restaurants and shops of the province, and vowed to regulator such practice.

In the meantime, the scheduled general debate on the cultivation of sugarcane crop and difficulties of its tenants, which has been in the House, was adjourned by directing out a quorum from the conflict benches.

The Punjab Assembly session on Friday started 45 minutes late from its scheduled time at 9am below the chair of Speaker Rana Iqbal Khan. Special prayers for the rest of souls of victims of Anarkali fire heartbreak and Punjab Rangers who were martyred by Indian firing at Sialkot border.

Well ahead, the House assumed a question hour about finance, information & culture and people welfare departments. Parliamentary administrators of finance and information & culture departments Rana Babar Hussain and Rana Arshad replied the queries, respectively.

Due to non-appearance of Minister for Population Welfare Zakiya Shahnawaz, all the questions associated to the department were suspended till next session on her special request. The conflict remained absent all the time during this session.

On a question almost odd dances and practise of dual meaning words in stage dramas, the minister supposed that a Script Scrutiny Committee has now been constituted by the government to form it properly. Rana Arshad also said that they had taken act against some artists and theatres who had despoiled the rules and limits.