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Aftab Iqbal Praising Imran Khan For His Good Work In KPK

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KPK Government 100 Days Performance report

  1. Online FIR System on the go by PTI government
  2. Mobile Court is also one of the main achievements in the province
  3. Imran Khan on his official visit to swat, a couple of days ago inaugurated two Mother-Child Health Care hospitals in the city
  4. PTI and JI decided to add the Holy Qurans verses associated to Jihad in the syllabus which were taken out of course during ANP regime.
  5. Rescue 1122 has also been recognised in KPK during these 100 days
  6. The Shisha smoking has been completely forbidden in the province
  7. World’s biggest software company “Microsoft” has agreed to deliver E-Government to KPK government
  8. All the Government officers must have acknowledged their assets Government Order
  9. A Home Economics Girls College has in progress working under Swat University in Saidu Sharif.
  10. KPK government has started to use biometric attendance system in educational institutions for its enhancement and development
  11. Mobile Van Health Facility has been in progress in Swabia.
  12. Governor KPK has employed “Right to Information Ordinance” in the province.
  13. Fresh and Green KPK project has been in progress with the expenditure of Rs. 100 Million to clean the capital and make it greener
    14. KPK Government has broadcast regularization of all contract doctors of province.
  14. 100 High Schools have been promoted along with 5 Development projects of KPK.
  15. In Sports, Imran Khan under 19 Talent Hunt Cricket Program registering has been started through which fresh talent will get a chance to play cricket at international level.
  16. Free Medicines In Government Clinics.
  17. Enrolment over 220000 students
  18. Free Education up to Primary
  19. No Any Corruption Scandal
  20. for Monitoring Installation of CCTV Cameras in Police Station.

Aftab Iqbal is one of the greatest favourite anchor and journalist in Pakistan he well-known for his program Khabarnaak .He also doing a talk show on 92newshd he admiring PTI chairman Imran khan for his excellent presentation in KPK he assumed that he undertaking fabulous in KPK after sitting in Islamabad he showed himself a best Politician and established leader and there are lot of changing have seen in KPK .
He also expresses about his act before and after dharma according to him before dharna he blasted his enemy and did not work for his province and later dharna he did revolutionary work in kpk and he will be rewarded in next election .What aftab ahmed comments about PTI chairman imran khan pay attention his in this video under and know about imrna khan excellent enactment in kpk .

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