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Arabs Treat Non-Arab Muslims As Dogs

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Non-Arab and/or non-Muslims in the “Arab” world

One important element disappeared from the conversation is the query of non-Arab and/or non-Muslims in the “Arab” creation.  The Arab supporter of independence have succeeded in beginning some 23 non-democratic, ethnically (Arab) and religiously (Islam) defined nation-states in over 1 million square miles of territory, often at the expense of non-Arabs, such as the non-Arabs), Kurds (Muslims, Assyrians (Christians, non-Arabs), southern Sudanese (Christian and pagan non-Arabs), Copts (Christians, non-Arabs), Maronite Lebanese (Christian and mostly identified with their Phoenician ancestors) and Mizrahi Jews.  Arab nationalist ideology entitlements all this territory entirely as “Arab” in spite of the legitimate claims of non-Arabs and/or non-Muslims to ancient homelands long ago arabized with the blowout of Islam, often concluded defeat.