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Police arrest fake faith healer – pakistan crime

LAHORE: The CIA Police on Monday arrested a fake spiritual healer (Peer) allegedly involved in minting money from innocent citizens on the pretext of providing them release from all kinds of difficulties. A detective of the CIA told this transcriber that fake Peer Amanat Ali, whose real name was Khalid Javed, had blowout his messages over the print and electronic media wherein he demanded to be cooperative to the people facing any kind of problematic such as disaster in love marriage, infertility, tension in family, counter of magic and so on.

One Karamat Ali, after understanding Amanat’s message, communicated him for the treatment of his infant child Danish. The Peer asked Karamat to pay him Rs13, 000 as his fee and Rs10, 000 for drugs, as well as that his child was in severe difficult.



Karamat waged the said amount and got the tablets from the Peer, but his son presented no signs of retrieval. On this, the Peer guaranteed to visit his house after two days, but when Karamat contacted him, he demanded a further Rs5, 000 as his fee through Easy Paisa and gave his CNIC number for the transmission of money.

Karamat said that the CNIC was not genuine and when he demanded his money back from the Peer, he threatened him of dire consequences. He protested to Raiwind City Police station on which the police registered a case against the Peer under sections 506, 386, 420, 468, 471 of the PPC on October 9, but unsuccessful to arrest him.




On Monday, the CIA arrested the accused after searching his mobile history. During preliminary interrogation, the Peer self-confessed to number of crimes where he needed cast money from innocent people on the excuse of providing them release from difficulties.