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pakistani boy Making Fun of india

Excellent Response by Pakistani Boys on India’s Song against Shahid Afridi

This is the same guy who made a song against KOHLI before the India Pakistan match a few weeks ago. Now, we know what happened in that match and how Kohli thrashed Paki bowlers. Quiet he is so shameless! Pathetic guys!

I didn’t want to go down to Pakistani level. But, currently you have forced me by mentioning Sania name here. Why would we Indians mind Sania marrying a Pakistani?.Sania got MARRIED which is a respectable thing to do. Paki girls come to India and sell their bodies here for money.

By the way, Shoaib Malik was so fed up with Pakistan that he now lives in Dubai.

Pakistani girls Veena Malik, Meera, Zeba Bakhtiyar, Meesha Shafi, have been marketing themselves in India for many years now. These are the well-known names, I am sure there would be many others also whom I don’t know. Don’t.