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At age of 26, once his reign began, grand Turk Suleyman wanted to create AN empire additional powerful than Alexander the good and to render the Ottomans unbeatable. Throughout his 46-year reign, his fame as each the best soul and ruler of his age unfold each East and West. along with his companion Pargali Abraham, Suleyman bring home the bacon nice victories. Suleiman referred to as Abraham his brother, friend and consultant. the tv series shows Suleyman’s consolidation of his power: Pargali Abraham being vazir of state, reinforcing the rule of law throughout the empire, meeting foreign diplomats, and getting ready for military campaigns, geared up against the scene of the strain between Christian Europe and also the Ottoman Empire.

The series additionally focuses on the relationships among the members of the imperial house, particularly romantic entanglements and rivalries. The ill will between Hurrem and Mahidevran, mother of the grand Turk’s eldest son and also the role of Ayse Hafsa Sultan, the valide sultan; Hurrem’s rise as Suleyman’s favorite whereas pregnant along with his son, her fall from favor when her son’s birth and her ultimate come back to grace; Pargali Ibrahim’s trap with the Sultan’s sister and plenty of others.

Kanuni grand Turk Suleyman Hastanesi was the powerful emperor of the time referred to as Suleyman the splendid.He was the ruler of Ottoman Empire celebrated for his legendary love for Alexander the good (Hurrem Sultan) similarly on run the mechanism and laws he enforced in sultanat.He reign on state forty six years that was a drawn-out amount and not solely confronted the royal house kinfolk over the reign of European country however additionally extending the dominion.Sultan Suleyman had achieved Mediterranean with the notorious captain Barbarossa by annexing the Iraqi district from the Persians into the Ottoman rule.

Diana did not success by killing Hurrem and currently Diana is serving Hurrem loyally. Sah makes Hurrem suppose that Mustafa is coming back to usurp the throne from his father whereas Suleyman is on a campaign which Suleyman and her sons area unit wounded and unfree. Hurrem determined to require her sons, Bayezid and Cihangir (whom keep within the Palace) off from Mustafa. But, Sah took Hurrem’s sons to AN previous farm. Hurrem discovers this and find there in person to save lots of her sons. however Sah was expecting her there and told Hurrem that each one of this was solely a game. Hurrem determined to end with Sah. Mihrimah is warned by her mother to not trust anyone except her.

Hatice needs to end with Hurrem as a result of she’s seeing Sah doing nothing. Hatice sends somebody to inform Hurrem that her girl Mihrimah was in Mormor Palace however essentially, Mihrimah continues to be within the Palace. once Hurrem gets there, Hatice ordered a woman to place one thing in Hurrem’s mouth. Hurrem awake in her area and forgot everything. when generally, Hurrem discovers that she’s being witched and she or he warned Hatice of not fidgeting with her. Sah gets angry of Hatice of doing things behind her back. Sah has another conceive to get obviate Hurrem. Hurrem speaks with a priest and she or he recites the al-Qur’an to feel well. Suleyman gets once more to a campaign and Bayezid stays within the Palace. Angry, Bayezid on the loose the Palace and goes within the campaign while not anyone to understand. But, Selim saw him and Bayezid came back to the Palace.

Hurrem determined to rent cash from Rakilah, a lady UN agency rents cash however, the cash has been taken by Sah. So, Hurrem was obligated to rent cash from another one before the Harem’s ladies build issues. Rakilah took orders from Sah to mention to Hurrem that Portia Hatun will maybe facilitate Hurrem. Portia could be a Venetian lady and also the grand Turk was at war with city at that point. Hurrem took the cash from Portia so offers back the gold. The grand Turk came back from the campaign and sets in Adrianople. Sah took the papers of Hurrem and Portia’s attribute and gets to Adrianople to clarify everything to Suleyman. But, Hurrem sends guards to attack the cars of Sah. Sah offers them the faux papers and provides the $64000 ones to Suleyman. Suleyman decides to exile Hurrem in Adrianople so he returns to Topkapi Palace. Sah orders Rustem pacha to kill Hurrem grand Turk whereas she’s in Adrianople. But, he refused and determined to remain loyal to Hurrem. Rustem decides that in marrying Mihrimah grand Turk, his relation with Suleyman will meet up with and he’s attending to enter the Diwan. Hurrem accepted however Mihrimah refused once she saw her mother in Adrianople.