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Working women have additional duty on their shoulders. They not only have to uphold their home and family life on the other hand they also have to do best at their office. What occurs is that they jump to ignore their own self trying to reach a balance between family and office life cycle. Maximum of the working women have rough skin, cracked heels, oily hair and dark circles. This is in line for to lack of sleep and overload of effort. Working women do not even get time to visit a parlor frequently as they favor to spend every second of their weekend with their family.

Skin Care Routine For Working Women

Easy to Follow Skin Care Routine

If you are a working woman and you sense it difficult to give time to your face and skin then I have come up with a cool to follow skin care routine which includes little things that can help you in receiving back that glowing, fresh and soft skin which you had once. So, what you have to do is addition subsequent things in your daily routine.

Keep Moisturizing Cream with You

Our skin essentials moisture in order to continue soft and glowing. Greatest of the women apply moisturizer on face while getting prepared for office in the morning thinking that it will be sufficient for the whole day when it really is not. Working women must save a moisturizing lotion in their hand bag all the time so that they may apply it on face every time they feel that their skin is getting dry. And one thing additional, also apply moisturizer on arrows as they also need dampness to remain in good shape

Do Cleansing before Going to Bed

Maximum of the working women get so tired after coming back from work that they barely make dinner and go to sleep lacking removing makeup. From now onward, you have to apply moisturizing milk on your face beforehand going to bed. Rub your skin gently after put on milk and then remove the lotion with cotton. This will not only eliminate your makeup but also dirt present on your skin.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drink Plenty of Water

Our body needs water for proper operative. House wives drink water while working in kitchen or after doing laundry and other local stuff but women drink numerous mugs of coffee at office and coffee kills thirst. Liquid keeps our skin fresh and young so working women must always keep a bottle of water with them in order to recollect that they have to drink water after every few minutes. You must drink minimum 6 to 8 glasses of water every day.

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