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Boy Blackmailing Girls With MMS Clips

Waqar Zaka TV host is presenting many programs on different topics. In a recent program he exposed the police department disturbing couples on seaside. He exposed the boys who created a MMS video and then irritated to blackmail. Girl told that she remained disturbed many times by the cars and bikes on changed bus stops especially Hasan square bus stop.

A real lifetime MMS scandal changing the life sequence of a girl now surfaces on celluloid in a mainstream Bengali genre film…

Deriving the term from the early 2000 Bengali blockbuster ‘Chirodini Tumi Je Amar’, the original flick shows how an unsuspecting school girl in higher class is conned through a boy, existence treated only as a sex subject in addition filmed on his mobile without her information and finally faces the brunt of an acid dose when she gets to know around her intention and spurns her.

“With incidents like Nirbhaya, Shakti Mills ground, Kamduni and misuse of women on the rise, we couldn’t wish away the truth and if you deal with a teenage story, these growths like girls facing harassment are very real,” Chirodini Tumi Je Amar 2 director Soumik told PTI.