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Women’s revenge more dangerous

I cultivated up in Wisconsin so it was with unlimited interest when I read about a revenge story last year. A woman, when finding out her boyfriend was cheating on her, decided to join up with his ex-wife and his fresh girlfriend to seek revenge. Later catching and binding him, they stole him to the same hotel he had occupied all three of them then then proceeded to wonderful glue his penis to his belly. He over up in surgery and they ended up with a jail sentence.
What complete these women behave so irrationally and desperately to become him back? Revenge is all around the sense of being wronged although you remained defenceless to defend yourself. You may sense emotionally wounded, but then again more than that you feel the essential to take an action so you can feel in control again. Your inspiration for the action is to let the person who hurt you knows how angry you are. Revenge is unlike depending on what sex you are. Males (raised to take action) tend to hit back or use physical means while women (raised with sugar and spice and everything nice) plot. Women’s revenge is usually more thought out, which may make it more dangerous.
Have you engaged in revenge? It is usually masked by indirect communication. It might look like this.