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suhaag raat in pakistan

Marriage is an exciting issue in Eastern part of the world and bachelor and even married people are very curious about this. All the bachelor and married boys and girls want to know that what have happened by bride and similarly the male relatives and friends want to recognise from groom. The bride is far under the pressure of her friends and even the elder female followers of the family that what was the actual story in last night and some traditional families it must see the virginity of the bride as here in this zone of the world the bride virginity is relate to her previous character. It remained custom in this share that the elders want to know then check the virginity of newlywed. In Eastern lands of the world bride groups are very much concerned by bride because they want to know the firstly night issue and reason late this is that it is not an open in these areas. First, night occasion or steps are not discussed in exposed and all the bride friends have a keen attention in this issue although they former got internal news from brides, but most of the period they do not have any bulletin regarding that particular night. In subcontinent and adjacent parts of this the brides are very shy and they do not leaks slightly secrets among her and husband. In their point of opinion they think that it relates to with their partner dignity and honor.